Dr. Moses Corbell

Dr. Moses Corbell knew from a young age after he received his first chiropractic adjustment that he wanted to be a chiropractor. He is now excited to give back and bring that same health potential to the Scottsdale area. His mind and heart for Chiropractic grew throughout his childhood in Central California and further in his undergraduate studies at California State University of Bakersfield where he graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Dr. Moses then pursued his postgraduate studies at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, one of the most evidence based Chiropractic Universities in the nation.

Dr. Moses has extensive post-graduate training in the Gonstead technique. His expertise and knowledge in the Gonstead technique allows him to provide gentle and effective adjustments with great results!

In his spare time Dr. Moses loves to spend his time with his family outdoors, being involved in his community, and being active! His
favorite activities are Olympic lifting and Crossfit.

Dr. Moses feels that it is his mission to serve the people of Scottsdale and surrounding cities through principled Chiropractic care so that babies, children and adults may live a pure life of optimal health.

Dr. Lina Chehayeb

Dr. Lina has always had a passion for the human body and movement. At a young age she got introduced to Pilates and fell in love with it. She soon got her certification and taught Pilates Mat classes while completing a Bachelor’s of Physical Education at the University of Alberta, Canada. Towards the end of her degree, she began experiencing debilitating headaches that would last days. As the years went by, the headaches kept getting worse and the only diagnosis she got from multiple physicians and neurologists was that she suffered from migraines, which had to be managed by taking pills daily. Looking for an alternative, she tried chiropractic and after one specific adjustment the headaches went away.

This experience opened her eyes to a whole new way of looking and perceiving the human body. When initially, her passion and focus were on the human body and its movement, it became on the human body and the importance of the nervous system. The nervous system that is protected by the spine and that controls every function in the body including the muscles and human movement. It is directly related to the immune system and the overall health and wellbeing of each and every individual.

Dr. Lina graduated magna cum laude from the Southern California University of Health Sciences with a doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine and is now so excited to be able to use Chiropractic to spread health and love to the Scottsdale community, especially expecting mothers and kids! Dr. Lina is certified in the Webster’s technique which promotes healthy pregnancies and deliveries for the mom.

Dr. Darren Corbell

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One of the most important parts of the Pure Life Team! Rogue is the mascot of the office and loves to greet all the patients. You will see him roaming the office from time to time, be sure to say hi!