Knee pain

"While attending a home and garden show, I sat down with Dr. Lina at their booth and she explained things to me and showed me the technology used in the office, a machine that rolls down the spine that shows you what is going on inside. This was huge for me. I got to see what was going in inside my body and I love how they focus on the Nervous System. I came in for an evaluation, they did the neurological assessment on my whole back, I had x-rays taken, and I could really see what was going on in my spine. As I continued with the process, I got to see how things were adjusting. 

I loved the day when I came in and I was having trouble with my knees. And Dr. Lina said, "Hey are you having trouble with your knees? Because this part of your body is out". That's what I love about neurologically based chiropractic care and the Nervous system chart that just shows exactly where the nerves are going, and it lined up with my pain. That was huge!! When she asked if my knees are hurting that day, I was like: "YESS!". And she explained that this area was starting to go out and we needed to work on it. I also love that they explain everything. I've been able to run again, hike again and I'm really thankful for what I've gotten here and how much better I feel!!"


Christy L.

Neck pain & swollen tonsils

"I fractured my C5 in my neck at the age of just almost 16 while in practice for competitive cheerleading. Over the years, I have been to several chiropractors and taken pain meds as needed for those days that gave me those really bad headaches from neck pain. As it has been just over 10 years now that I have dealt with this issue, I was still looking for more help and more than just a chiropractor. Even as of this past year when I wasn't seeking as much treatment, I developed swollen tonsils quite often throughout the year. I thought I would have to get my tonsils taken out which I thought surgery was the only answer. Through a coworker and friend, I heard about Pure Life Chiropractic. What I learned was that it was so much more than just "cracking" as many of us think of how chiropractors work. Pure Life provided so much education of the health behind chiropractic care including nerve function, assessments, inflammation, etc. and overall increasing and improving the quality of how this was all working together to make me feel better. The other part is, I found out that health wise, inflammation in my C5 area could cause swollen tonsils. Today, after almost 6 months of treatment I can say that I feel exceptionally better on a daily basis. My neck and back aren't nearly as sore/stiff as they used to be. It's allowing me to enjoy things daily, minimal headaches if at all, and sustain through car rides and traveling for work. Best news is, I avoided having to have surgery as I haven't had swollen tonsils at all since I started treatments with Pure Life. The team at Pure Life is like family! They have been wonderful from Day 1 and I would highly recommend to anyone!"


Jenessa C.

Decreased range of motion & pain

"Lina & Moses have a fabulous approach. I am getting fast and instant improvements in motion. More flexible. Less pain. Plus, great people. I am a fan and recommend you check them out.The process continues as I feel better with each treatment. Their method is gentle but powerful. I don't like so called activators and they use a hands-on approach. They showed me a way help reduce inflammation for wife, resulting in great relief for her between sessions."


Steve K.

Wellness care

"Dr. Lina and Dr. Moses are both incredible and friendly! Alexis is the best office manager I have ever interacted with, and I've been to a lot of doctors’ offices! The whole team has worked with me as I set up a plan for chiropractic wellness care. I get more passionate about chiropractic work and the Gonstead method each time I go. I drive from Tempe because I believe these are the best doctors with the best plans and care for their patients."


Bailee K.

Back pain & posture

"Pure life is amazing! They are very nice and very focused on helping people. The energy at their office is very welcoming and they make you feel like part of the family. My wife and I have been going for a little while now and have never felt better. They are very thorough with explaining the care they provide and ensure you know where you are with you care. I can't recommend them enough!"


Kevin K.

Neck & mid-back pain

"Dr. Moses and Dr. Lina have together helped my neck and mid back feel much better. I no longer have regular headaches or numbness in hands!"


Elsa V.

Back pain & stress

"I visited Pure Life for the first time this week. It was a fantastic experience. Beautiful location. Lina did my evaluation and was incredible. She showed me the results of my nerve and back muscle scans. It was incredible to see the results match up with where I feel back pain and stress. I'm looking forward to my follow up appointment and treatment."


Allison K.

Low back pain

"Was having some lower back issues, partially due to bad sleeping, partially due to martial arts. I have to say the atmosphere here is amazing. They take great care of you and go to the root of the issue. My kicks have gotten better, and I’ve gotten great sleep."


Terrence Y.

Low back pain, neck pain & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

"I started coming to Pure Life because I have been suffering of lower back pain and shoulder/neck pain for a few years. When I came for my introductory meeting and the evaluation meeting I fell in love with the doctors and their facility. It is such a calm and friendly environment and I felt welcomed instantly. After one month of adjusting I was surprised when I got my menstrual period. I have irregular periods and have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome and was prescribed birth control pills to regulate my menstrual periods. I have been taking birth control pills for the last 10 years and every time I stop taking the pills my periods go away. The last time I had a period was in December, 2017. Seven months later the only thing I have been doing differently is coming to Pure Life for treatment. After not taking birth control my body did it all on its own. I was shocked and surprised when this happened. I Am greatful for the service Pure Life provides and I look forward to my weekly adjustments. Thank you!!"


Yulie H.

Pains & aches

"I cannot say enough good things about this place. From the beginning you set foot thru the door you are so welcomed. I am so lucky to have found them. So thorough in your first visit and they go over your xrays with you before adjusting blindly like most chiropractic places do. I have been going for a few months now and I was in so much pain suffering every day. My pain is gone gone gone!!! I have never received results like this. And Dr. Lina will go above and beyond to make it work financially for you. Both Dr. Moses and Dr. Lina are so kind and caring. I'm so happy to have found them."


Karen B.

Low back pain & child care

"This place is beyond basic chiropractic care. From the X-rays to the targeted approach in repairing the body, they are amazing! I'm so thankful I found them and made the time in my schedule to go. Also brought my 16 month old. With a very different approach, Dr. Lina was so gentle and took her time with the little one. Thank you Pure Life!"


Jenna P.

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