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Strongly focused on neurologically based Chiropractic care, Dr. Moses Corbell and Dr. Lina Chehayeb proudly offer services that help their patient’s body heal and recover the way it is intended to. Our approach is far different than what you will find elsewhere. Using specific, scientific chiropractic care, Dr. Corbell and Dr. Chehayeb share a goal of treating the root cause of their patient’s condition rather than simply treating the symptoms. Located in Scottsdale Arizona, our chiropractic location is easily accessible to anyone from the surrounding area including Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Fountain Hills and of course Scottsdale.

Our Chiropractic Technique

It’s well-known that the nervous system is the most important system in our bodies. When damage happens to this system or pressure is placed on the nerves, numerous issues can occur. Our technique focuses on promoting proper nervous system health so that you can live a life with less pain and improved overall function. We do this by removing pressure and interference from the nervous system so that it can function properly and heal naturally the way it is supposed to.

We’re not in the business of simply pushing on someone until we hear a loud crack. Instead, we strategically analyze our patients before offering an adjustment. This is what allows us to address the root cause of the discomfort rather than offering a temporary solution.

Our technique follows a step-by-step process that ensures our patients get the most out of their treatment. Here’s what you can expect when visiting our office.

· All new patients will need to provide ID and fill out an application. This is also when we will request insurance information. Make sure to bring your cards.

· We then conduct a one on one consultation. We know that every patient is different, and we want to address your specific needs.

· Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment,we will identify the exact cause of pain, discomfort, dysfunction or disease within your body.

· Further diagnostic testing and X-rays will be conducted if necessary.

· Not all patients are a good candidate for chiropractic care. A report will be assembled from test results to determine whether or not our treatment is a good fit for you.

· Once everything else is completed and your report has been reviewed, we will begin your treatment, get you on the recovery and help you become the best version of yourself

Chiropractic Services

1. The Gonstead Method
2. Spinal Adjustments
3. Chiropractor For Children and Babies
4. Chiropractor For Athletes and Sports Injuries
5. Chiropractic During Pregnancy
6. Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging

The Gonstead Method

It’s often the people that have experienced a problem that come up with the best solutions. The Gonstead Method is a perfect example of this. It all started when a man named Clarence S. Gonstead had his entire life hindered by rheumatoid arthritis. Gonstead’s condition became so severe that he couldn’t even get out of bed.  

After trying numerous medical approaches and experiencing minimal results, Gonstead looked for another answer and that’s when he arranged to meet with a chiropractor. Progress was visible rather quickly. In fact, Gonstead was able to crawl on the floor within short period of time. Remarkably, his treatments eventually gave him the gift of full mobility.

The dramatic turn in Gonstead’s life inspired him to help make a difference for others suffering the same way he did. This inspiration led Gonstead to open his own office. He also conducted years of research that helped him use his background in engineering to develop a chiropractic method that can be described as flawless. This approach to chiropractic care became extremely popular and was named the Gonstead Method.

The effectiveness of the Gonstead method can be attributed to Gonstead’s rigorous analysis technique. Using top of the line tools as well as in-depth examinations, this method points chiropractors directly to the cause of the issue rather than secondary complications.

The Gonstead Method offers chiropractors a way to determine the root cause of a patient’s condition which in turn allows them to provide a treatment that not only addresses the issue but gives people their lives back as well.

Spinal Adjustments

The human spine is undoubtedly one of the most important set of bones in our body. It protects our nervous system and provides our bodies with support and mobility. Dr. Moses Corbell and Dr. Lina Chehayeb understand the importance of providing the spine with proper care that is both methodical and well strategized. Using the Gonstead Method, they are able to offer adjustments that are extremely precise and effective.

You’ve probably heard stories about people experiencing a lot of pain while receiving a spinal adjustment at another office. We’re happy to say that this is something you won’t have to worry about while working with our doctors.

One of our main goals is to provide treatments that are effective and as painless as possible. We achieve this by using bio-mechanically correct positions as well as gentle and precise thrusts to correct vertebral subluxation.

Chiropractic For Children and Babies

There was a time when chiropractic services were only offered to adults. You might be surprised to learn that spinal damage can occur very early in life, even within the first few moments that a newborn is brought into the world.

This damage is caused by the typical technique doctors use to help a baby pass its shoulders. While this is done to protect both the baby and mother, the technique actually bends and contorts the baby’s spine. If you’ve ever seen a child being born, you’ve seen this technique taking place and you probably also noticed the doctor holding the baby’s head while twisting it in a figure eight motion. Needless to say, this can have dramatic negative impacts on the spine. However, the damage often goes unrecognized until later in the child’s life.

Some children may not show any signs of damage while others may experience pain and mobility issues early in life. When it comes to neurological issues, the sooner treatment is started the better. In most cases,chiropractic services offer a reasonable solution that will spare a child from a life of pain and complications.

Chiropractor For Athletes And Sports Injuries

Athletes require their bodies to be in constant peak performance. Anything less than 100% simply won’t suffice. Whether you’retraining, competing or just going about in your daily life, it’s important that your body is offering its full potential.

However, what happens when an athlete gets injured? A scary but true fact is that more and more people are turning toward non-natural and dangerous medications which don’t fix the issue but merely hide it.

Whether you’re injured or simply want to receive preventative care, we’re committed to helping you be all that you can be. Using specific scientific chiropractic care, we’re able to help athletes keep their bodies in remarkable condition which allows them to perform at their best while giving it their all. Plus, we actually treat the issue rather than mask it with dangerous and addictive narcotics.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Some may think that receiving chiropractic care while pregnant could be dangerous. This isn’t the case. In fact, there are many benefits for both the mother and the baby.

Mothers that receive specific scientific chiropractic care can expect to endure a much easier birth. This is thanks to the treatments ability to prepare the pelvis for pregnancy as well as birth by creating balance between the pelvis and related body structures.

Chiropractic care is also believed to improve uterine health by removing torsion of the ligaments. Our treatments also have the potential to reduce interference with the mother’s vital nerve system.

Basically, our treatments can improve overall maternal function which can eliminate the need for future interventions.

On the baby’s side, chiropractic care offers improved development by reducing the interference between the infant and the mother’s nerve system. As well, the mother’s pelvis being properly prepared allows the infant to have more room to grow properly. This promotes proper cranium size as well as improved overall health, especially within the spine and skeletal structures.

On the baby’s side, chiropractic care offers improved development by reducing the interference between the infant and the mother’s nerve system. As well, the mother’s pelvis being properly prepared allows the infant to have more room to grow properly. This promotes proper cranium size as well as improved overall health, especially within the spine and skeletal structures.

That’s not all our treatments we have to offer. More space for the baby means that there is a greater chance of the baby being positioned properly before birth which created a much easier birthing process. Plus, when the baby is positioned correctly, there is much less of a chance of certain issues such as dystocia or other birth related traumas and injuries on both the mother and the baby’s side.

In conclusion, chiropractic care has so much to offer when it comes to helping your body heal and feel the way it was intended to. The days of opioids or other dangerous drugs being the only viable solution for chronic pain, injury treatment and improved body performance are long gone.

With our sophisticated and fine-tuned approach, we will have you feeling better than you have in years. We would love to work with you and help you become all that you can be.

See you soon!

- Pure Life Team