FDA Recommends Chiropractic Before Opioids!

Published on:

November 6, 2020

FDA Recommends Chiropractic Before Opioids!

The opioid epidemic in the US has been a serious issue for quite some time now.The pharmaceutical industry has marketed and lobbied for years leading todecreased restrictions regarding the prescription and use of opiates. Thesedrugs, even when properly prescribed, are now responsible for more deaths thansuicide and motor vehicle accidents.

TheFDA has tried to propose new education system for health professionals that areprescribing the opioids to patients, including information about howchiropractic care should be recommended to a patient FIRST, before prescribingdrugs or surgery. Chiropractic care not only provides a less invasive painmanagement option to patients, but it can also serve as preventative care.Being preventative helps us stay out of pain and achieve optimal health. Italso increases the chances that our children will not have to deal with thesame problems that we face today!

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